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The people were filled with expectation… The Gospel for this Sunday begins by telling us that the people were eager for the Christ, for the Messiah.  Some thought that John might be the one that they had been awaiting, but, of course, he denies this and points rather to Jesus, who will be baptizing with […]


  When I was a high school student in the minor seminary, we were pretty strict about celebrating Advent and not anticipating Christmas. On our return from the Christmas vacation, however, our somewhat eccentric librarian would mark the end of the Christmas season with an Epiphany party. He would dress up his (generally unwilling) student […]

The Holy Family

We are tempted to imagine that life in the Holy Family must have been idyllic. After all, it was composed of the Son of God and two saints. Holy as this family was, it was still a human family, and the episode in today’s Gospel reminds us that there were occasional tensions among its members. […]

4th Week of Advent

The Gospel assigned to Christmas Mass during the day is from the first chapter of John. Many times in the past I have chosen to use another Gospel for the Mass during the day, one that is more concrete and less theological. However, a recent article I read prompted me to reconsider that practice. It […]

2nd Week of Advent

Thanks for your generosity. The St. Vincent De Paul Society received $4,299 in the second collection this past Sunday. (It would have been more if your interim pastor had not forgotten to announce the collection at Sacred Heart!) That is a very generous response, and virtually all of that money goes to help people in […]

OPLATKI – Angel Bread

Oplatki will be available after the Masses beginning this weekend and continuing until the supply runs out. The offering is $2/package. The sharing of oplatki around the Christmas Eve dinner table is a tradition observed in the Slovak and Polish cultures. Family members and friends break off a piece of oplatek and give it to […]

1st Week of Advent

A reflection on the readings for the First Sunday of Advent by Father Dennis Hamm, SJ: “[The readings] are out of sync with every other time structure in our lives—the academic semester, the fiscal year, the twelve-month calendar, the cycle of the sports seasons—and yet they come as the beginning of the Church Year. This […]