A History of St. John the Baptist Catholic Parish

A Monument to Undying Zeal

SJBHistory_dedication_08Work was finished in the summer of 1931, with dedication on June 21st. In the Ben Franklin News of June 17th, Fr. Cyril Ernst wrote, “Mid the hum of industry, the chimneys and smoke of Standard Oil and the flame of molten steel, this Temple of God raises its solitary tower of 190 feet towards the Heavens as a finger pointing the way of salvation. Here then, may they who man the monsters of industry find haven to worship their God within the peace and quiet of its walls. The new edifice is the result of the cooperation of a generous people with a zealous pastor, and will stand for ages as a monument to their undying zeal and effort.”


Architect Herman Gaul


Rev. John Francis Noll, D.D.
Bishop of Diocese of Fort Wayne


Souvenir Dedication Book Cover

SJBHistory_newchurchfinished_12A picture of the church at the time it was finished is at the left. Note the absence of trees, bushes, the rectory and the row of period automobiles circa 1931.

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