A word from the Pastor

And the Church says, Amen!

The 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Welcome Father Steve Dos Santos, C.PP.S. Each year all the dioceses and archdioceses in the United States participate in the Mission Cooperative Appeal to support the missionary work of the Church. Each diocese welcomes religious communities of men and women as well as mission dioceses and assigns them to parishes where they are permitted to speak on behalf of their religious communities or diocese, describing their ministries, seeking our prayers and asking for our financial support through a Second Collection. This year the Diocese of Gary has assigned the Missionaries of the Precious Blood to make this appeal. How timely and appropriate it is to have the same religious community that serves our parish of SJB to make this appeal this summer. This is in part because, as many of you already know, the Missionaries of the Precious Blood are celebrating the 200th anniversary of their foundation during 2015. We know the story of the missionaries very well as over fifty priests and brothers have served SJB over the years. We welcome Father Steve Dos Santos and, on behalf of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, I thank you for your prayers and financial support.

Personnel Changes This past week, I was informed that Diane Jansky has decided to retire after many years of service to the Whiting/Robertsdale Catholic Community, as secretary at Sacred Heart and Immaculate Conception parishes. Don Kaminsky has also decided to retire after many years of service as Director of Facilities and Maintenance for SJB. Diane’s retirement is effective immediately and Don will retire on November 30. At moments like this, I am very mindful of how reliant we are on dedicated, hard-working people to support the mission and ministries of the Whiting/Robertsdale Catholic Community. Many thanks to both Diane and Don for their years of service and we ask God’s blessing on their retirement years. More will follow in the weeks to come.

Pierogi Fest Another successful Pierogi Fest has now passed and it is certainly good for us to thank all the citizens of Whiting and beyond that make this annual event possible. It is a massive undertaking and it takes the dedication, hard work and personal support of all of our people. And it all began with a vision of what we were capable of doing. Honoring our ethnic heritage, no matter what that heritage is, it is very important in the times in which we live. In fact it is always important. Honoring our history, our traditions and our faith serve to remind us where we have come from and how past generations have sacrificed so much so that we can enjoy the many blessings that are ours today. Many thanks to all who made this year’s Fest a grand success.