A word from the Pastor

And the Church says, Amen!

Laudato Si

On Care for our Common Home

This past week the Pope published his first encyclical focused on the environment and concern for the poor. Given his name and his preaching since his election as Bishop of Rome and head of the Universal Church, no one should be surprised about the topics chosen and the challenge the Pope puts before all men and women of good will. The most respected and honored scientists from around the world have concluded that human behavior is responsible for global warming. And that global warming puts human life and the future of the planet at risk. The Pope rightfully concludes that the poor will suffer most from global warming and the damage it does to our environment and the earth that is our home. The Pope also rightfully concludes that humanity cannot rely on present day economics and investment to address the problem. It will take aggressive and serious policy and life style changes by the world’s population to respond to the critical nature of this crisis. Pull the encyclical up on the internet and give it a read. Read it slowly and more than once. It is a prophetic document for our time and spiritually enriching for our life together in faith. It also speaks eloquently to the church’s concern for the poor, the common good and our common home.

A Busy Summer Ahead

Last week Dr. Wilson presented in the bulletin a challenge the school faces regarding the use of technology as a critical tool in providing the best educational experience forour children as they grow, learn and prepare for high school and beyond. What Dr. Wilson recommends and the steps we are taking this summer and into the future after serious consultation with professionals in the field is simply our attempt to bring our technology up to date, for what we now provide is seriously out of date. The first step we take this summer has been made possible by a gift from Sacred Heart School Fund.

And for this I am very grateful.

Also this week you will see a listing by Don Kaminsky of the projects that need to be accomplished this summer to keep our facilities safe and functional. I am sure many will be surprised by the number of projects on the docket for this summer. They are all necessary and none are simply cosmetic. Many projects necessary but not critical have been put aside for another time. Your stewardship commitment by way of the Sunday offering is critical to what we need to accomplish this summer and I ask your continued generosity.