As this beautiful, warm (?) month begins, we wish to congratulate and pray for all of the children who will receive FIRST COMMUNION on May 3. May this wonderful spiritual occasion serve to remind you of the happiness and joy that prevailed at your FIRST COMMUNION. As a child you were blessed with Jesus for the very first time, the excitement was a palpable experience that would last forever!

The month of May was also known as MARY’S MONTH; a time to offer special prayers and devotions to the Blessed Mother. Many “senior” alums can recall practicing for weeks the May Procession that would culminate in the May Crowning Ceremony.

The Sisters of Providence had a very strong LOVE for Our Blessed Mother and they certainly shared their LOVE with all of us. All, former students and those who wished they were SJS students, are invited to visit the beautiful sacred Shrine of Saint Mother Theodore in Terre Haute, Indiana. For a guided tour contact Rita O’Donohue at or call 812-535-2945. Take a break from your busy schedule and visit St. Mary of the Woods; it is a great way to celebrate the beautiful month of May!