Divine Mercy

Easter blessings to you all!
A few months ago I shared in the parish bulletin that my three year assignment as associate pastor for the Whiting Catholic community would end June 30th of this year.

For several months I have been in discernment with the leader-ship of my religious order, the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, to determine where the Spirit was leading me and that next as-signment has been determined and is now being made public.

On July 13th of this year I will begin a newly created position as, “Special Assistant to the President,” for Calumet College of St. Joseph, sponsored by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, with a special emphasis in mission and ministry while sharing in the executive functions of the college’s president. I am excited to serve the Missionaries of the Precious Blood in this new capacity and begin a new chapter in higher education administration.

As many of you know, I had the privilege of serving the Whiting Catholic community as a seminarian, a transitional deacon, and a now a priest and have come to love you for the tremendous family that you are. I have been deeply grateful for your warmth; you have consistently welcomed me over the years as one of your own. That’s why I’m again blessed to be living among you at the St. John Rectory as I begin this new adventure.

My responsibilities at the College will be considerable and this full-time assignment will require some changes in my current minis-tries. For example, I will have to sadly discontinue teaching part-time at Bishop Noll. My administrative and pastoral commitments to the Whiting Catholic community will sadly end. This means I will be unavailable to celebrate funerals, weddings, attend to sick calls, devotions and parish meetings since my full-time responsi-bility will be to the College.

Furthermore the leadership of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood has mandated that I take a multi-month absence from hav-ing weekend Masses for the Whiting cluster to create some im-portant boundaries for all involved so Sunday, June 14th will be my last Mass for several months. All of this is currently being worked out. Fortunately our paths will continue to cross and for that I am grateful.

Finally, you have a wonderful ability to bring out the best in me as a priest, a homilist, and fellow seeker along the journey of faith and I love you deeply for all that you are. In an era of many changes to the priesthood you have reminded me that your priests matter and your ongoing affirmations have touched my heart. Thank you. I look forward to us being together for many more years to come!

+ Blessings in Christ,
Fr. Kevin