The Baptism of the Lord


Saint John baptizes Jesus in the Jordan River. Take this occasion to reflect on your own baptism. Jesus said: “It is not you who chose me; it is I who chose you.”

In Baptism, God unites us to His world-wide family of faith. In Baptism, Christ accepts us as one of His disciples. In Baptism, the Holy Spirit sends us to witness to Jesus and the good news of our salvation.

Sometime today, take a few moments to look back on your journey of faith. Who were witnesses of faith in your life; who inspired you by their example of faith? Whose words of wisdom helped you in a time of difficulty; assured you of God’s love when His love seemed quite distant; or helped you to pray when you were not quite sure He was listening? Parents? Brothers and Sisters? Grandparents? Teachers? Friends?

Who do you thank for their witness to you?